Gaurav is a versatile artist that loves every musical adventure from writing, recording and performing to teaching.

He's played countless shows in front of thousands at huge outdoor festivals, arenas, large theaters and clubs. He is also totally at home in the recording studio working with top notch producers as well as sharing years of experience with his guitar students.
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Gaurav was born into a musical family. His grandfather was an award winning musician in India and mentored music legend Ravi Shankar (who George Harrison of the Beatles studied with in the 1960’s). Music was in his heart from the beginning; Gaurav was playing violin at age 8 and moved on to guitar two years later. After studying many styles of music he eventually started teaching and even had Grammy award winner Lauryn Hill (The Fugees) as a student!
In 1999, Gaurav joined rock band Eve to Adam as lead guitarist/co-writer and they recorded albums for major labels such as EMI, Universal and Sony Red. Eve to Adam’s 2013 release “Locked and Loaded” was helmed by acclaimed rock producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Alter Bridge, Slash, Mammoth WVH, Incubus) and featured songs co-written with Eric Bass of Shinedown as well as hit songwriter Dave Bassett. The single “Immortal” ascended to #15 on the US Active Rock Chart in 2014 and was a mainstay on the Sirius Radio show Octane. During this time, Gaurav performed at venues ranging from large theaters to arenas while touring with bands such as Creed, Halestorm and many others. Eve to Adam also played one off shows and festivals with the likes of Aerosmith, Korn and 3 Doors Down.
In 2016, Gaurav moved to Nashville Tennessee where he played with various country artists and even performed at the legendary Grand Ole Opry! After four years of performing with pop band 30 Vice, Gaurav became the guitarist for acclaimed rock singer Tony Harnell from the famed rock band TNT. He performed with Harnell at the M3 Rock Festival and Rocktember Festival in 2022. In November of 2022, Gaurav returned to New York so he could focus on solo projects and helping guitar players achieve their goals!
"Having worked on and produced an album with Gaurav Bali, I am proud to say that he is an exceptional talent. He is a well-versed lead and rhythm player as well as songwriter. He’s also a great personality to deal with on any type of music or creative collaboration. Whether he is writing his own material or offering his services as a session player/co-writer of songs, you can’t help but be impressed by his talent!"
Michael “Elvis” Baskette
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"I’ve worked with many great guitarists over the years, and Gaurav is definitely one of them. Bali man is a focused, hard-working artist and he impresses me every time I see him perform. Gaurav will be an asset to any artists team… Man, can he play!”
Producer (Alter Bridge, Slash, Mammoth WVH, Incubus)
Michael Papale
Record Executive and Artist Manager (Jane’s Addiction, Korn, Ice Cube)
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